Product 產品介紹

  • 蝸輪蝸桿傳動
  • Worm Gear Reducer

1) Worm Gear Reducer easily combine into Double stages maximum ratio can reach 1:3600. 2) Worm Gear and Worm Shaft made by precision CNC grinding machine run steadily、 smoothly and low noise. 3) Installed in multi-surfaces hollow output shaft various input and output type. 4) Worm Gear Reducer and the function of AUTO-LOCK.

  • 齒輪傳動
  • Helical Gear Reducer

1) All Gear Made by precision CNC grinding machine it have long service life and noiseless. 2) Gear reducers are based on the building block design so it`s convenient to fit all types of motors. 3) High transmission efficiency. A single stage can reach a transmission efficiency as much as 96%.

  • 行星齒輪傳動
  • Planetary Gear Reducer

1) High efficiency small volume heavy duty and large torque. 2) Planetary gear system distributes driving force evenly it cause less noise than traditional gear. 3) Compare planetary gear set with spur gear it can reach higher decelerating when applying same gear tooth. 4) Planetary gear can bear heavy impact it use in transmission gear box all the time.

  • 十字轉向機
  • Miter Gearbox

1) Miter Gear Box / Right angle gear box of spiral bevel gears with high efficiency high power rating. 2) Miter Gear Box extended use in transmission truing and torque linear stretch . 3) Installed in multi-surfaces form one shafts to four shafts or flange type.

  • 交流馬達
  • Ac Induction Motor

We have 2 kinds of AC Induction motor: 1) LX Motor design base on IEC standard B5 install power range 0.09KW to 3.7KW brake available. 2) MS Motor design base on Euro standard B3、B5、B14、B34 and B35 install available also can set and brake type.